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For more information on class times & locations please contact Haydie – or  0415 834 659.
Yoga Class Fee’s
10 Week Class Pass

New students are required to purchase a 10 class pass unless prior arrangements are made.

$165  1 hour classes

Tuesday Beginners

Friday Mature/Senior.

$175  1.25 hour classes

Thursday Beginner/General

$185  1.5 hour classes

Tuesday Established

$150 Online classes

Book & Register for Yoga Classes

Payments can be made via cash, credit card & pay wave (both with a 2% surcharge), direct deposit or cheque

A 10 week class pass must be used within the 10 week period unless other arrangements are made. See Terms & Conditions below

Missed classes can be made up at any other classes, & are valid for the year purchased in. See Terms & Conditions below

Casual price – Available with prior arrangement or if you wish to trial a class before purchasing a 10 class pass.

$19 per 1hr class

$20 per 1.25hr class

$22 per 1.5hr class

$15 per Online class

Beginners must purchase a 10 week class pass unless other arrangements are made.

Casual 10 week class pass valid for 22 weeks

No Casual attendance while COVID persists

1hr class $180

1.25hr class $190

1.5hr class $210

 Terms and Conditions

  • A 10 week class pass is valid for the 10 weeks from when the start date commences minus any breaks Inspirit Yoga takes.
  • Any missed classes can be made up in any other classes during that time.
  • Make up classes are valid for the duration of the calendar year that the class pass is purchased but must be used only as extra classes in conjunction with a new 10 week class pass purchased per term.
  • If a student begins later in the term, an 8-10 week class pass can be purchased at the unit cost per class equal to a 10 class pass.
  • Any number of classes purchased below 8 will be charged at the casual rate for that class.
  • If a student has prior knowledge of dates they will be absent from class during the term, the pass can be sold with up to 2 weeks reduced from the 10 week class pass. Cost will be per class at rate per unit of the 10 class pass.
  • Any number below 8 classes purchased will be charged at the casual rate for that class.
  • A 10 week casual class pass can be purchased at a discounted casual rate valid for 22 weeks or a 10 week casual class pass valid for the calendar year at the full casual rate. See rates above
  • If a student misses so many classes in a term that it becomes challenging to do make up classes, the class pass can be converted to a casual class pass for a fee of $40 which is then valid for the rest of the calendar year.
  • If a student attends more than 1 x class per week;  1) The price of the class pass will be calculated as the price of each classes 10 week pass, added together and divided in half  plus any multiple class discount 2).
  • Above all I want yoga to be accessible to you. If you have the motivation to come and finances are an issue, please speak to me and we can work it out to suit us both and allow you to come to yoga!

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