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Inspirit Wellbeing Day Retreat

Yoga, Massage, Meditation, Sound Bath, Lunch


“Good morning Haydie, thank you for a truly amazing day yesterday.  You are a natural and a professional in your field.  It was perfect timing for me to do your day retreat yesterday. Thank you from deep in my heart.  Today I got up before the sun….I walked out into my paddock bare foot and sat down and meditated.  My husband even commented that I looked different this morning. I looked refreshed and positive.  Keep spreading your magical healing powers beautiful lady.  Much love and gratitude 🙏 🌸♥️ – Kim”

“I Wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday.  I initially booked it thinking it was just the kind of thing my freind needed to have a day off and rest with all the things in her life…but actually…it was just the thing I needed too.  I have four kids and my youngest, has many health issues. I really feel like yesterday gave me some peace and a chance to just regenerate some of the energy I have been expending and not recovering. Thank you for a day of peace, nourishment and restoration. It was a gloriously unexpected gift to me and I thank you for facilitating that.” – Madonna

“I loved the whole day! The reflexology was amazing – like doing two hours of meditation – as was the massage! The yoga was very relaxing and nurturing and the food was tasty and nutritious. The venue was perfect too – it had a great ambience and you felt you were in the middle of the countryside. I felt very lucky to have the chance to come along and be treated (‘restored’) for the day. Nothing could be improved – it was perfect! Thanks Haydie! :)” – Jane

“I enjoyed everything!
The restorative yoga, massage and meditation was a beautiful mix- very relaxed flow to the day.
Lunch was amazing!” – Libby

“It was a beautiful experience, mini gateaway. It was very relaxing with amazing food, yoga and excellent company along with very good therapists. I will certainly recommend it to anyone.” – Ruchika




9am – 3.30pm

20th March – Passed

24th April – Passed

11th September 

6th November

4th December


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Rural Brisbane

Held in a lovely heritage cottage in Moggill 


Inspirit Wellbeing Day includes

  • 2 hours of deeply Restoring Yoga
  • 1 hour of nourishing massage, Reflexology & Head n neck
  • Gentle Mindful and relaxation practice
  • Delicious and healthy gourmet vegetarian lunch prepared with your wellbeing in mind
  • Sound Bath Healing 

This Retreat is offered to women and is suitable for absolute beginners to Yoga.

Pamper yourself with this nourishing and relaxing 6 hour retreat. Taking the time to wind down, move slowly and have your needs completely taken care of in a peaceful rural setting.

The Retreat includes 2 hours of Restorative Yoga, long slow and gentle poses using props to relax deeply and let go. The relaxing is further encouraged with 1 hour of Treatments – fully clothed and includes 30mins each of reflexology and neck and shoulder massage. To help us turn inwards we bring our focus to mindful and breath practice, meditation and relaxation. A sumptuous gourmet vegetarian lunch is served to stimulate the senses and bring pleasure to our taste buds. The experience is completed with a calming Sound Bath with Tibetan singing bowls.

This Retreat is a wonderful day of taking time out, filling yourself up and nurturing your inner you. The day is a gentle journey in finding peace and rest within. Suitable for absolute beginners to yoga and meditation, no experience necessary. Come and be supported and guided by Haydie and helpers.

Cost for the day $285

** $275 if you bring a friend, are a Yoga student or Health Coaching client of mine, or you have attended in the past **

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Mobile 0415 834 659

Maximum of 12 participants. Group bookings can be made for special or specific occasions.

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Responses to Inspirit Wellbeing Day Retreat

“The location was lovely, the yoga was gentle and relaxing :). The food was yummy! The therapists were great, very professional and caring. Amazing – I couldn’t move afterwards – I didn’t want to move afterwards.” – Roz

“It was good to have a time to cut out “to do things” from my daily life
The setting was really beautiful
You created a very welcoming space.
The music in the background was really conducive to relax and release tension.
The pacing of the yoga and staying long in each pose also made it really restorative.
I liked the format of yoga intertwined with massage. It left me wanting more. Having a space to sit outside was also enlivening and wonderful.
The fig, the sun, nature…
The abundant and yummy food…
Your generousity of spirit

Delighted with the experience. Definitely recommend it for anyone needing some “me” time
Loved every bit of it.” – Tania

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