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Beginner  These classes are for students absolutely new to Yoga, or if you would like to refresh your Yoga experience. Class sizes range in numbers generally from 8-15.
The Beginner class focuses on building strength, stability, balance and awareness of the body. We move through poses sequentially building from the last pose to the next pose as the weeks progress so the student becomes familiar and confident with this step by step approach. Props are often used to help support the student to move into a pose when there are limitations within the body or to help move into the pose more deeply. Level of flexibility is no hinderance to attending these classes. Watch and feel your body opening each week.

General  Suitable if you have done 2 terms or more of Yoga or have done a substantial amount of yoga in the past. General classes suit students who have some familiarity and foundation with the asanas (poses) and want to deepen their practice and journey as a student of yoga. Developing a home practice and attending multiple weekly classes is encouraged.

Beginner/General class caters for both groups within the one class. It is suitable for absolute beginners, those progressing from the Beginners class or those wanting to attend multiple weekly Yoga classes.

Established Is for Yoga practitioners with a strong foundation and a few years of experience.  Students who wish to develop their understanding and knowledge of all aspects of yoga in a wholistic way. Includes philosophy and self inquiry. Developing a home practice and attending multiple weekly classes is encouraged.

Mature  A gentle class with focus on limbering, balance, building core and strength. Injuries are supported in this class and no experience is necessary. Practicing Yoga as we age is boon to maintaining health, movement and a sharp mind!This class is also suitable for beginners (who don’t consider themselves mature).

Pranayama & Meditation Course is run in 6 week blocks each term. This class focuses on breath and meditation with gentle restoring yoga poses. It is for students wanting to quieten their mind, relax their body and cultivate mindfulness. The class is suitable for people wanting to manage their stress, develop and experience the benefits of pranayama (breathing) and who may be nursing an injury or recovering from illness.

Corporate   Inspirit Yoga will conveniently come to you and your work place.

Private   Sessions are encouraged if you are wanting one on one, personalised Yoga tuition tailored especially for you within your time frame. Private sessions can offer Remedial and Therapeutic yoga for injury or specific health issues working in conjunction with other health practitioners.
If you are recovering from injury or illness and wish to build up strength, Private sessions are encouraged to become familiar with the poses that assist in supporting recovery. The student then has the opportunity to attend classes with knowledge of how to adjust the pose to suit their particular issue.
Specific interest in Women’s reproductive health and Menopause.

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Iyengar Yoga is well know for its therapeutic and supportive capacity with the use of props, and the rigorous training and understanding that Iyengar teachers undergo as well as continuing professional development required.

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