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Live streaming – Online – Recorded Yoga Classes.

More than ever we need calming and mindful practices, with life as we know it quickly changing and many unknowns. We need grounding and centring and of course we need the action and activity that yoga brings. Yoga helps bring our mind into our body, rather than thinking of the future or past, worrying of what might happen. Yoga helps keep our immune system healthy and flourishing. Yoga assists us to create quietude and mental stability. It helps us to calm the fluctuations many of us experience in daily life.

I am offering classes similar to those I would usually teach face to face and I hope many of you will join to reap the benefits. Ideal for those that struggle to get to class, live a distance away or want to supplement their face to face practice.


10 x online class pass $150

20 x online class pass ( 2 x weekly Zoom classes) $280

Sign up here; Live online Yoga Classes 

Current Yoga Classes 

(live streamed or recorded access)

Monday – 9.30 – 10.45am General/Established

Friday 8-9am Mature/Beginner

 * 10 x classes Pre – recorded Beginner/General to do in your own time as  often as you want  (access for 10 weeks). Cost $170

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After you send the form I will send direct deposit payment details, instructions on how to  connect to the classes via Zoom and the class links.

Equipment and Props

I teach Iyengar Yoga and the use of props helps us to get into poses that may be challenging, they can help us to extend and go deeper in a pose or help us to really let go. We won’t always be using a lot of props however it will be good to have some around you.

Some of you joining may not have props, you can purchase from Iyogaprops or Yoga King, or improvise and use what’s around the home.

1 x mat

2 x blocks (can use bricks wrapped in material or thick hardback books)

1 x chair (any chair will do)

1 x bolster (firm pillow or rectangle cushion)

1 x strap (belt, tie, old karate belt)

3 x blanket (thicker and firmer best)

Sign up here; Live online Yoga Classes 

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